June 11, 2017

GSoC 2017: Phase 1

Just over a week ago, Google Summer of Code’s working period began. I’ve been making a number of contributions to Firefox Developer Tools’ CSS Grid Inspector for the past two weeks, most of which have been officially landed into the inbound branch of Firefox Nightly. The first set of contributions have been fine-tuning the UI for the CSS Grid Inspector. This includes: Changing the CSS Grid highlights for grid cells and areas to be consistent with the current grid colour. Read more

May 11, 2017

GSoC 2017: Community Bonding

It’s been a week since student projects have been announced for the Google Summer of Code program this year — my own proposal being among them. Students and their mentors are currently going through the “Community Bonding Period”, where students are just getting immersed into their open-source communities before the real coding period begins. During this time, I’ve been hanging out on IRC channels and groups specifically for GSoC students and subscribing to mailing lists. Read more

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